Friday, April 14

fiber, fiber everywhere

It's been all work and not much play around here the past few weeks, what with preparing for DFW Fiber Fest (which was last weekend) and PLY Away 2 (which is in 2 weeks).  The dye pots are going full tilt, there's fiber and yarn everywhere, and I'm still trying to cram in as much dyeing as possible before we head off to Kansas City.

And really, if you're going to have work stuff laying around all over your home, yarn (and fiber) is a pretty sweet deal.

The thing is...I've got an itch to do some sewing. I'm dreaming of patchwork and paper piecing, new pj's and project bags, not to mention breaking out the embroidery and cross stitch!

Right now, I'm satisfying myself with paper piecing hexagons for this very old WIP. Which started out with a little pouch and grew because making hexagons is very addicting, albeit slow. One day it will be a lap quilt (it's larger than now, about triple the size from this old photo).

But once May is here, there will be a lot of sewing projects started around here. Like this, and this, and even this:)

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