Monday, March 20

works in progress

Although I don't have many pictures to prove it, I've actually been quite the productive knitter so far this year.

I'm working on the sweater for myself in Cloud Burst, which is coming right along (although it's hard to tell anything by the photo, I've finished the top and the ribbed waist and have just started on the skirt):

I'm also continuing to make a few blanket squares here and there, although that's rather infrequent and completely subject to my whims.

Plus, I'm knitting these lovely mittens, which are completely addictive:

And I've knit several pairs of socks in the last few months, 3 pair for Jimmy and 1 pair for myself. Unfortunately, I haven't taken pictures of any of Jimmy's socks. It seems like his sock stash has taken a few hits this last year. He's had 4 or 5 pairs blow out, or just plain wear out. They're all pairs that were knit several years ago, so it's not surprising. But they seemed to give up the ghost all in a lump.

I darn or mend socks that have a small hole, so we get maximum mileage out of them (and he wears hand knit socks every day). But you usually reach a point where it's just not worth it. So, there's a lot of replacement sock knitting in my future:)

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