Friday, January 5

2017 recap

Here's a little recap of most of my makes from last year:

I can see that at some point, I stopped taking photos of finished socks. Because I finished several pairs with no picture of the sock or the WIP. I also haven't taken a photo of my finished Cloud Burst Cardigan, even though I've worn it a couple of times already. 

Nor I have I gotten a shot of my finished Hollows shawl, which has become my favorite knit of 2017. I enjoyed knitting every stitch of it. The yarn felt wonderful, the pattern was perfect and the finished object is getting a lot of use right now. It's so big and squishy, I can wrap it around my neck 3 times...which I need during these 20 degree days! It never falls off, and it just feels so dreamy.

I'm also wondering where my sewing projects are. I mean, I know where they are in real life, but they are missing from my photos. Basically, I haven't been great about photographing all my crafty projects. I tend to get the ones that relate to the business, but the purely personal projects don't get any screen time:)

Hopefully, I can change that, since I have a lot of sewing plans this year. Next time I'll talk about my making/creative plans for this year!

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