Friday, January 12

crafty plans I love it! A fresh start, a whole new year ahead of you.

The planner/list maker in me gets very giddy with all that blank canvas to fill up. Of course, I also love having a quiet month with no obligations. Just cozy and quiet evenings at home, with plenty of time to think and dream. And I've definitely done some planning and some dreaming!

I've got several exciting plans for October House, but you'll have to wait to hear about most of those later in the year.

Right now, I'm thinking about what I want to make this coming year. Of course, that gets blended with what I plan to make for the business, but I've also got several purely personal goals in the making department. First up:

Namely, sweaters. I need/want more sweaters in my personal wardrobe. And so does Jimmy. So sweater knitting will be the big focus for this year. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach - so to speak - but these are the patterns I'm looking at:

Stitch Sampler Sweater by Holli Yeoh in the Fall 2016 issue of Vogue Knitting

Granito by Joji Locatelli

Classic Cardigan by Sandi Prosser in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Vogue Knitting

a cardigan for Jimmy (still looking at patterns)

Silver Leaf Cardi by Hannah Fettig in the first issue of Making

V-Neck Cardigan by Julie Wiesenberger in the Winter 16/17 issue of Vogue Knitting

A couple of new hats and mittens for each of us would also be nice

I can't get enough of sewing right now, so I'm running with it! Besides quilting and hand work, I'm eager to get back to garment sewing. I used to be quite the seamstress back in the day. I even made a lined blazer and slacks that I loved.

Not much call for pantsuits in my wardrobe needs today, but I would love to make a couple of blouses, some tunics and see if I can remember how to make a decent pair of pants.

This is an ambitious list, I admit, but here goes:

2 blouses (I have ideas, but haven't found any specific patterns yet)

2 pair of pants

4 pairs of pajamas

2 bed quilts

2 lap quilts that can also be tablecloths

2 tote bags (Riverside Tote and The Townie Bag)

6 project bags

6 pouches

2 english paper pieced baskets

a handmade collar and harness for Riley

Most of my cross stitch plans are for October House patterns, so they're kinda secret, but obviously I'm having a lot of fun with the knitting themed patterns, so that will continue.

I also plan to introduce a few non-knitting things this year, including a couple of larger pieces.

Whew! I think I'd best get busy.

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