Monday, May 15

Sock Club

One of my favorite projects each month is coming up with a new colorway for the Sock Club members. It's always fun to just play around and see what comes out. Some months I have a definite idea of what I want, and other months I jump in and see what happens!

Sock Club colorways are exclusive for three months, and after that you may see a few of them become regular colorways. A few popular examples of colors that started in the Sock Club are Madeleine, Poet, Spiced Plum, Water Lilies, Seashells and Velvet.

A new one that I'm excited to add to the regular colorways list is Hopskotch.

This was one of those colors that was a complete surprise. I was just playing around with a couple of skeins and whammo! After I added the last layer, I loved it.

To get your own subscription to the Sock Club, click here. There are 3 and 6 month options available. That's 3 or 6 months of yummy yarny surprises! :)

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