Friday, May 26

lost in stitches

I brought back a new toy from PLY Away 2....a Clemes & Clemes stitching stand.

I learned to cross stitch in my teens, and kept at it occasionally throughout my twenties. In my mid-thirties I started a very small business designing cross stitch and quilt patterns. The business didn't last long, but my love of cross stitch and creating designs was cemented.

I abandoned my stitching for a while when I fell down the knitting rabbit hole, but a few years ago I picked it back up and worked on some pieces here and there. Then I started giving away small cross stitch patterns on my blog for a bit. 

Now, I'm lost in cross stitches again. Frankly, I blame Flosstube...and that's a good thing! I've had so much fun watching others share their cross stitch projects and plans. It's revved up my love for cross stitch once again!

So, right now, I'm working on an old WIP from Little House Needleworks (Little House Neighborhood), plus I'm stitching away on a couple of new designs of my own. 

You may be seeing more of this in the future:)

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