Monday, August 26

Again with the llama

Let's see...two years ago I was gifted this llama fleece.  I skirted it and washed it, did a little combing on it. Now here we are two years later, and I still haven't done a thing with the llama.  It's time!

I started spinning a singles with the little bit I had combed, and I've been combing more to go with it.  I can't begin to describe how silky soft this stuff is.  I'm not sure if I have a typical llama fleece, because, man....this stuff is nice.  I comb a good handful and then wrap it up into these little puff balls.  Once I have a basket full, I spin them.

The general plan is to spin about 2.5 ounces of singles to ply with this Shetland I spun a while back.   And then...?  What to knit?  

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