Wednesday, August 28

Spinning, or Spinning and Knitting?

Before I started spinning, and even as I was learning, I thought that spinning was pretty much all about getting yarn with which to knit.  Beautiful, unique yarn that would just be itching to be turned into a beautiful knitted object.

I didn't really understand people who would say "I don't really knit with my handspun."  ....What!?  And those folks who spun but didn't knit (or weave)...huh?  

Let's just say I'm beginning to understand.  I now think of my handspun as a "finished object" unto itself, instead of just a stop along the knitting way.  And how timely that Ravelry has made the stash pages more fiber friendly!  You can now have yarn stash and fiber stash, as well as a new and improved handspun section (with more attributes and fiber-details) :

I can spend just as much time oogling beautiful handspun and fiber on Ravelry as I can oogling knitting and patterns, maybe more.  Go figure.

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