Wednesday, September 19

On the Wheel : Lucy, meet Ruth

Hand-pulled Shetland top on my Schacht Ladybug "Lucy"
This is Shetland from a sheep named "Ruth".  Here's her picture:

She's a, of course, she's very cute.  The vendor included her picture when I bought this a couple of years ago.  My plan is to spin this (I've got 2.5 ounces) and ply it with this:

This is the llama fleece I was gifted a while back.  Of course, I've got about half an ounce of that pulled into top, so I've got to get busy and handcomb and diz 2 more ounces.

I think they'll marry well, they both have a long staple and are pretty smooth fibers.  The llama is incredibly soft and silky, and the shetland has a nice springy-ness to it.  Now, we'll see if I want to leave it the natural color or dye it once it's finished!

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