Tuesday, June 21

Small Bits of June

I've been working on a couple of small projects just for myself. It's been so hot and muggy around here the past few weeks, just the thought of handling the merino I'm trying to finish spinning makes my hands feel sticky. So I've abandoned that for the time being.

Instead I've got a couple of small knitting projects, that don't require a pile of wool in my lap:) I'm enjoying them immensely. The first is the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart, which I'm knitting in Linden Sock. It feels wonderful to knit with this yarn, especially when it's very warm outside. It slides through your hands and across your needles in that wonderful way that silk blends do. The colorway is Water Lilies (which was the February Sock Club colorway this year), and though you can't tell much while it's on the needles, I'm loving how it's looking.

Second up is a pair of no-show socks, these are the Skimmer Socks by Sheila Toy Stromberg. I'm knitting them in Sojourn Sock in the "A Day at the Lake" colorway (again, it was the May Sock Club colorway this year). Very summer-ish. I'm excited to finish them and see if they work as well as I hope they do.

I'm working on several "house" projects this summer. I just finished painting our shutters. We got a new roof at the beginning of the year, and it just called out for new shutter and trim paint colors. So the shutters are now a nice charcoal gray. We'll start on the eaves and overhangs and trim and such in a few weeks...something in a nice off-white, buff kind of color to match the house. But first, I'll be painting some interior doors and yikes....the kitchen cabinets.

We painted our kitchen several years ago in a lovely cream color called Sunwashed, and I've enjoyed it a lot. But I've really been longing to have a white kitchen...really white...for a couple of years now. Since the feeling hasn't faded, I'm going to plunge in and paint the cabinets White. Pure White. We'll see if I have enough patience to re-paint the interiors in a pale gray. Maybe. Maybe not.

On top of all that, I'm busy trying to get the new website finished up and ready to go, and then it'll be time to start preparing for the fall season...so the dye pots will soon be at full capacity again. Wahoo!

Of course, some of us just want to lounge about in the a/c.

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  1. Sweet snippets of June. Can't wait to see what July brings.


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