Friday, June 10

A Colorful Viewpoint

I tend to assign colors to lots of different things, including months of the year, holidays, places, song name it and it probably conjures up some kind of color image in my head. And sometimes it only makes sense to me. For instance, I usually think of April as "white". I think it's because there are usually trees flowering, it's usually Easter month, and what not.  I know I'm not alone in this, there must be others who do it...I just haven't met them yet:)

Sometimes it's a very subjective viewpoint this colorway, Monaco:

In my mind, "Monaco" conjures up sparkling marble & limestone buildings with rich interiors layered in raspberry velvets and gold leaf moldings.

And sometimes it's more obvious, like Seashells:

All the soft colors you see in a pile of seashells.

How do you think about color?

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