Thursday, June 2

The Life of Riley

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already met Riley, the newest addition to our family:

We adopted Riley from a lady who is battling cancer, and couldn't care for him any longer. He's a 6 year old Tibetan Terrier and is full of personality.

We were looking for someone who was completely different from Shepherd (so we wouldn't constantly compare him) and Riley fits the bill perfectly. He's done some smelling of the yarn, but overall hasn't seemed too interested in it...which is great. He's not technically a senior dog yet, but he's not a puppy either. And he is definitely an adorable fur ball:)


  1. Funny thing happened when I read the blog entry about Riley, first saw the photo and thought: personality plus.
    And then your comment followed stating the same thing.
    Have a terrier at home, too (of the German Hunting Terrier variety) and boy, personality just begins to describe him, Paul by name.
    So while we have a retiree (he is turning 14 in August), Riley at 6 years is in his prime.
    I wish you many wonderful years with him.

    1. I love that! He is still definitely in his prime, so we hope to have many years with him:) We had our own "retiree", Shepherd, who lived to be 15, and got sweeter every year.


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