Monday, January 21

State of the Knits

 My knitting has been taking a back seat to drawing, sketching and painting lately.  But that doesn't mean I'm not doing any knitting!  I always have a few projects to work on in spare moments or when I don't much feel like thinking about anything.

I'm still working on this sock (yes, the first one).  I love this pattern and the color, but they just seem to be at the bottom of the list of things to work on right now.  But they are growing...slowly.

The gray shawl hasn't seen any work in a month or so.  I'm rethinking what type of border I want on it, so it's in time out until I feel like thinking about that.

This shawl is getting a little work now and then, and I love how it looks.  I know I'll enjoy wearing this once it's done, and I think it'll be pretty versatile.  The stockinette bands do go quickly!  (I just realized I don't have this listed on my Ravelry page, need to fix that!)

And, then there's the vest I want to start for my hubby...and the pullover I want to start for myself...and the third sock pattern for the little e-book I'm working on...not to mention mittens, cowls, etc.

There will always be knitting around here!

1 comment:

  1. I love your WIPs. And your yarn stash -- awesome!!!!


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