Wednesday, January 23

Garter Stitch Cowl actual finished knit!  And I love it.  Don't you love the colors?

This is just a super simple garter stitch cowl that I knit up out of some handspun I'd had for a couple of years.  I bought it at the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza from this vendor.

I cast on 88 stitches on size US10 needles and knit until I ran out of yarn.  It's soft, squishy and bouncy, but with enough body to stand up around my neck when I put it on.   And it's superwash merino....yah!


  1. This is beautiful!!! Sometimes a simple pattern is the best way to showcase some awesome yarn!!!

  2. I have to say I'm loving this is fun to wear and very warm. Hopefully, I'll get an actual modeled shot of it before too long!


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