Friday, January 18

January Journal : Other's Journals

While looking around on the internet the last few weeks, I've found several wonderful places that focus on journaling or sketchbooks.  I'm a little obsessed with drawing at the moment, so I've spent a little bit of time looking at other people's drawings.  These blogs have been a joy to discover and read through, and they all have a lot of good tips and ideas :

Jenny's Sketchbook


Leslie Fehling - Everyday Artist

You can also buy sketchbooks and journals of some famous folks:

Henry David Thoreau's Walden
The journal of Beatrix Potter

and learn more about journaling with some beautiful art books :

An Illustrated Journey
Create Your Own Artist's Journal

And...we found this last weekend :

Joy unconfined.  This is my own personal desk area just for drawing & painting!  (I suspect it'll also come in handy for knitting math and such.)  So, working in the above spot, I was able to do a few more pages in my sketchbook.  I'm slowly getting a little bit better at filling a page.  I guess practice makes perfect :)  And even if I'm not, having my own spot for it makes it fun!

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  1. That workspace is awesome!!! I totally understand joy unconfined at finding it!


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