Thursday, July 19

Sketchbook : Flowers

A couple pages from my sketchbook:

I love drawing flowers.  Never get tired of it and never seem to exhaust the different ways you can draw a flower.  I seem to draw several pages and then go back at a later time and color them in (or not!).  This sketchbook is more for actual sketching, so it doesn't take a lot of water and it's not a bright white, but I like using it.  And I'm certainly no expert at drawing/painting, but I do enjoy it!

However, I might want to draw some birds right now....
I'm sitting here typing this and looking out the window toward my front yard.  I have the sprinkler going on the one patch of lawn we are trying to keep green.  It has been so, so dry here for 2 months now.  The birds are just flittering and flying around the trees where the water is hitting...they must be as tired of the dryness as we are!  I see chickadees, blue jays, cardinals, a mockingbird, a woodpecker and one kind I don't recognize.  Lovely, lovely.

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