Thursday, July 19

Houseplant Beginner

I bought a houseplant the other day.  This is a new thing for me.  Before that I had one plant in the house, an aloe.  Which I consider more of a medicine cabinet plant than a houseplant, but I have managed to keep it healthy.  In fact, I think I need to divide it.

But I'm interested in adding a few houseplants around here.  The trouble is...I know almost nothing about them.  I remember my mom had a pothos, ferns, and one of those little norfolk pines.  But other than that I'm pretty clueless about them.

Here is what I bought:

It's a dracaena.  (I don't even know how you pronounce that.)  It's pretty.  It's lush looking.  I really don't want to kill it.  Any houseplant experts out there?  

Do you have houseplants?  How do you care for them?

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