Tuesday, June 26

Beach Bag - Modifying a Pattern

My beach purse is almost done, and I thought I'd talk a little about the modifications I made to the pattern.  It seems I almost always made some kind of modification to anything I make.  If you're like me, that's part of the attraction of crafting and making...adding your own touches and unique ideas to an item!

First off, it doesn't mean that the pattern "as written" isn't good, or great, even.  Definitely not in this case, as this pattern is wonderfully written, very clear and looks great with no changes.

Usually, I just have something buzzing about in my head, and it ends up being a little different that what I'm using as my base pattern.  In this case, for instance:

The pattern calls for:                                      I'm doing this instead:
Machine stitched quilting lines                      Hand stitched running stitch with perle cotton
No outside pockets                                           One small outside pocket with binding
One inside pocket                                             Three inside pockets (1 zipper, 1 large, and 1 with 6 "slots")

All of these are small modifications, which are the best kind to my mind.  If I wanted to change the shape of the bag, say, or the way the handles are made, I'd be better off choosing another pattern or designing one of my own.  That's how some of the best designs happen!

The rest of the pattern is completed as written, except I am leaving off the handle tie.
All in all, I'm loving this bag, and will probably be making it again!

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