Thursday, June 28

Beach Bag AND New Purse

Done and done!  Woo hoo...and in time for the ol' road trip.  

I'm very pleased with how the purse turned out.  I knew it would be cute...yes.  But I didn't know how comfortable it would be to carry!  It fits just right under your arm and lays against your hip so you hardly know it's there.  I love it.  I won't have to fiddle with keeping the straps on my shoulder!  One other modification I didn't mention is that I folded the straps in half and stitched them together for about 8" at the top of the strap.  You can see a picture below here:

It's easy to access and holds a lot. (I tend to carry stuff...ahem.  Any crafters out there identifying?)  I'm happy with the pocket additions I made, because I'm a "place for everything and everything in it's place" kind-of-girl.  So happy, happy there.

The tall body makes it feel pretty secure also.  I don't have the feeling that things will come tumbling out if it lands wrong or flops down on a bed.  The large pocket holds a magazine or two (above it's got maps for the trip) and there's a second layer to that pocket that holds a notepad and receipts.

So...beach, here we come!

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