Friday, June 22

Mason Jars

Flickr Collage - Mason Jars
1. Mason jars, 2. Ball Perfect Mason Jars, 3. Mason Jar Votives to hang..., 4. day 27 candy jar, 5. brush jar, 6. Auntie's Mason Jars, 7. mason jar cookie cutter, 8. Ball Perfect Mason Jars, 9. flowers + mason jars, 10. Mason Jars, 11. Mason Jar Flowers, 12. Pink Straws and Mason Jars, 13. The Humble Mason Jar14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

I love 'em.  A lot.  I use mason jars for the obvious things:  preserving, pickling, canning.  But I also use them for a bunch of other things:  pen/pencil/brush holders, buttons, handmade cosmetic containers, decoration, vase, candle holders, etc.

When I make up a batch of soup, I always pour it into a 1/2 gallon mason jar to keep in the refrigerator.  Easy to pour out portions, and glass keeps the food fresh longer!

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