Wednesday, August 9

one color shawls

I'm most definitely against the trend with my love of one color shawls, but hey, that's what I love. I'm drawn to soft colors, simple shapes and repeated textures. Oh, I enjoy a striped shawl once in a while, but it's usually in analgous or low-contrast colors, like my Wintermint Party:

So, on my needles at the moment is the Hollows Shawl by Melody of Mandarines. I've actually got about 6 of her patterns in my queue, since I instantly love everything she does.

But back to the Hollows shawl...the pattern calls for fingering weight, but I had my heart set on using my Melody DK for it, so I just went for it! I dyed up 6 skeins of Pearl and cast on. I figure it will be big, soft and squishy for those cold winter nights.  I'm about to start the first short-row section, so I'm a good bit further along than the picture above shows.

I'm loving the pattern so far, very simple and meditative, but not a word, perfect.
This has been just the spark I needed to get my knitting mojo back!

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