Friday, August 26

On the Needles: Hitofude Cardigan

I'm working away on my Hitofude Cardigan. And I have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the knitting. We've had a busy month around here on several fronts, but I always find knitting lace to be very meditative and rejuvenating.

I've bound off the sleeves and I'm working on the ribbing that becomes the neckline and waist. Then it's onto the lower body and finishing.

I've already got my next sweater cast on. It's from Juju's Loops by Loop London. I rather love their aesthetic and I've had my eye on Cinnamon Girl for a while now.

So, I've dyed up some Sojourn Sport in the Cloud Burst colorway for myself. It'll be next on the needles.

And then it'll be time to cast on a sweater for Jimmy. I've made him a couple of vests, but never a proper sweater. And it's past time. So, we'd better get busy picking out a pattern for him:)

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