Friday, November 14

Fiber Focus : Yak/Merino

Since I opened my shop, I've continued to add new spinning fibers a little bit at a time. I tend to add fibers that I personally am interested in spinning or trying out. I've also added a couple that Ravelry group members have mentioned they were interested in.

It's fun to try new breeds and fiber combinations, especially if you've never spun with a certain fiber before.

The most luxurious fiber blend I have right now is a 50% Yak/50% Merino blend.

A little about Yak
In case you didn't know, Yak fiber is softer than Merino and warmer than Cashmere. Yes, you read that right. Softer than Merino. Yak produce two types of fiber, guard hair and down hair. This is the down hair, which is the fine, soft undercoat grown in the winter. Yak fiber is odorless, does not shed and like wool, maintains its ability to keep you warm even when wet.

Since the Yak is a dark brown fiber, and it's blended with ecru colored Merino, the combed top is a brown heathery color. I over-dye this to create the colors you see below:

Left to Right: Nightshade, Dried Herbs, Spice Garden, Rainforest

Have you tried Yak fiber or yarn?

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