Thursday, July 3

Summer Moments

This has been the most unusual Arkansas summer I can remember. We've had plenty of rain, so everything has stayed green and lush. Temperatures have topped the 90's only a few times so far. We've had many days in the low 80's. This is truly unusual...and wonderful! As a person who dislikes hot weather with the intensity of 10,000 suns, this is cause for celebration.
And inside, where I'm busy getting ready for my first fiber festival, things are perking along. I'm working on several new things to debut in September. I think you can get a pretty good clue as to what one of those things will be from this picture:

I've had sock yarn in the shop for a while now, but I'll be adding several new bases to the lineup, and just generally increasing the amount of yarn I produce. There will be a few other surprises coming along as well:)

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