Thursday, June 26

Tour de Fleece 2014

Are you ready for the Tour de Fleece? We're gearing up and getting ready to spin, spin, spin! 

If you're not familiar with the Tour de Fleece, it's  the annual Tour de Fleece spin-along during the Tour de France. They spin, we spin. A real spinning-themed spin-along.  The concept is simple:

Challenge Yourself.
Have fun.

The tour begins July 5 and runs through July 27, with a couple of rest days sprinkled in here and there.

If you want to challenge yourself with a spinning goal, join Team October House! Don't think you have to spin a sweater's worth of yarn to participate. It's all about challenging yourself at whatever level you're at: novice, experienced, or somewhere in between! And don't forget FUN...let's definitely have fun:)

Check the October House Fiber Arts group for more details and to sign up as a team member! You can also snag an official OHFA Tour de Fleece ravatar here.

Do you have a project (or projects) lined up for the Tour? Let's hear about it!

Note: You do not have to spin October House fiber to join the team (although you are certainly welcome to), and you're encouraged to join any other teams you are interested in joining!

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  1. Those badges are super pretty! Good luck and I'll definitely be joining you next year (G.W)


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