Monday, February 3

A Year of Knitting - January Review

To keep myself on track, I'm going to try and do a knitting update at the end of each month.  Hopefully, this will remind me not only to post "the state of the knitting" as it were, but also to keep my knitting goals in the front of my mind!

So, in January...

I finished a pair of socks for Jimmy:

I bought this yarn in Port Clyde, Maine on our trip.  It had a few weak spots, so I'm not going to name the yarn.  I'm also not crazy about the color, and I've offered to over-dye it, but Jimmy says "don't bother."

I finished a pair of socks for myself:

This yarn is from January Yarns, an indie dyer on Etsy.  The color is called Cinnamon Stick, and I love it.

I worked on the Lilla Hernia Shawl:

I'm on Chart B, so I'm getting close.  I knit - frogged - knit - frogged the first few rows of the chart before wising up and working a swatch, then inserting a lifeline.  I never learn...if I'd used a lifeline the first time, it would gone perfectly.  Robin, learn this lesson.  (You may be able to see the lifeline in the photo above.  Ahem.)  Hopefully, this will get finished in February.

I knit on a pair of slippers for Jimmy.  The pattern is Duffers...very easy going so far.
A tiny bit of knitting on the Summer's Over Scarf I started last spring for myself.

And I've updated my little sketch over there in the sidebar to show what's been completed in 2014.  All in all, a good start.  Woot!

And I cast on...
  • The mittens with the Mork and Mohair handspun
  • And socks with the Autumn Walk handspun

I also frogged this yarn :

I was kntting the Middlefield Pullover from New England Knits, and I just completely lost interest in it.
This is the second time I've knit and frogged this yarn, so I'm hoping the third time will be the charm, because I really like the yarn.  It's Valley Yarns Williamstown, a very soft tweed.
I'm pondering what it will be next -

So, I've updated my little sketch over there in the sidebar to show what's been completed in 2014.
All in all, I'm pleased with my knitting progress for January, even though there's not much color on that sketch...several things should be finished next month.  Onto February!

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