Monday, December 16

Works in Progress

My Lillia Hyrnia shawl is coming along nicely...although you can't tell from the photo.  It still looks like a blob of knitting, but I'm through the stockinette panels and have started the first lace chart.

I've been washing some Shetland fleece.  I love the sheepy smell and this is a beautiful moorit (brown) fleece...very soft and fine.  Though it does have a fair amount of vm in it.  I'm anxious to put some on the drumcarder and see how it spins!

I'm working on a baby sweater for one of my husband's co-workers:

It's the Lucille cardigan from Kelbourne Woolens, but I'm not doing the lace pattern.  After the yoke, I'm did the body in stockinette, mostly due to time.  It needs to be done soon!  I'm on the second sleeve now, although, once again, you can't tell by the photo.

There is also a lot of baking happening right now, but, alas, no photos of that.

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