Tuesday, December 3

A New Fiber Toy

I just got a new fiber toy...and it's a big one:

A drum carder!  I've wanted a drum carder for a couple of years now, but it seems the timing was right and here it is.  After doing some research, I went with a Fancy Kitty Kitten and I love it.  I've only played with it a wee bit so far, but I love it.  I made this batt for my first try:

It's finn that I hand dyed a while back, but it was a little too solid in color for me.  Putting it through the drum carder definitely fluffed it out and made the reds & browns more distinct.  You might not be able to tell it in the photo, but it's got a beautiful brown undertone to it.

So, I'll be playing with my new toy this holiday season.

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