Saturday, September 7

Link Roundup

I guess I've been living in a hole (nothing new there), but it seems all of the sudden I'm finding knitting video podcasts.  I've listened to several audio podcasts for a few years now, but haven't really seen many video podcasts until recently. I've been enjoying this one.

I haven't been able to sew any hexagons lately, what with my wrist kinked up on me.  But I did find another idea for using them, as well as a way to carry the hexagon making supplies with this great tutorial.

The perfect little warm up for autumn and darn cute to boot.  I might even be able to swing a few more of these with my wrist-induced limited knitting time.

I'd been hankering for a bobbin winder like this one for a while.  That is, until I saw these reviewed on Knitting Blooms.  I think I'll be giving these a try first.

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