Friday, September 13

Knitting Ergonomics

After my bout with wrist tendonitis, I got to thinking about my knitting ergonomics.  After all, I really don't want this to happen again!

I've found a couple of blog posts from other knitters about knitting ergonomics, here and here.
I thought this post on Knitting Daily had a lot of good tips, including the long comments section.  Lots of people chimed in.

I know the things that worked best for me were simply to rest my hand, use ice packs several times a day, and gentle stretches until it started feeling better.  Then I began doing some simple exercises to strengthen and repair (from this video), which I now do to both hands, because I don't want to be sitting around unable to use my hands for a couple of weeks ever. again.  That is torture.

Remember, take breaks and stretch those hands!

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