Monday, September 16

Handspun : Muscadine Merino

While I've been updating my Ravelry stash (see here), I noticed I never blogged or made any mention of a handspun yarn I did earlier this year.

This was spun somewhere around February or March.  It's 4 ounces of merino and 1 ounce of a rayon bamboo top, both from Lewbug Creations (who seems to have disappeared - she's listed here in the vendors).  I got this at the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza the year before last.

Here are the details:
Fiber:  Merino & Rayon Bamboo
Amount:  4 ounces Merino, 1 ounce Rayon Bamboo
Price:  approx. $16 for the merino & $5 for the Rayon Bamboo
Color:  deep burgundy & plum, with splashes of brown, gold, green, & red
Put up:  Top
Spun:  Worsted
Ply:  2-ply

The merino was a lovely & smooth top.  The dyeing had deep, saturated colors, with absolutely no felting.  I predrafted the merino slightly and split it in half for a 2-ply.  I spun one singles of just merino.  On the other singles, I pulled off sections of the rayon to slip in with the merino as I was spinning it.  I was a little nervous about the was very slippery.  At first I tried to control it a little too much, and I wasn't having any fun with it.  When I let go a little, and just let it slide in there willy-nilly, I had a lot more fun.  The yarn is definitely a thick-n-thin yarn, and oh-so-squooshy.

Yarn details:
Finishing:  Hot soak and hang to dry
Yardage:  a surprising 364 yards of worsted-to-bulky
What to make with it:  I think this would be perfect for a close-fitting cowl or maybe an over-the-ears hat. It's snuggly soft!

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