Monday, September 2

Color Your World

I've been doing a little hand dyeing of some fiber I had in the stash, and having a good amount of fun with it.
In the past, the way I've dyed my yarn or fiber is to handpaint it, wrap it up in plastic wrap, and steam set it in the microwave.  It works well, and it's fast.  But the downside is there is a lot of handling and fiddling with the fiber, which can lead to felting, or at the very least "fuzzing".

So, I did that method for the first 2 braids you see below, but for the 2 plum braids at the bottom I tried the oven "low immersion" method.  I loved it!  Consider me a new "oven" convert.

Merino/Silk commercial combed top

Romney roving (this is actual roving, not top)

Polwarth commercial combed top

  I foresee more dyeing adventures in the near future.

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