Wednesday, April 3

Be a Better Blogger with Pinterest

I'm betting that if you are a blogger, you are on Pinterest.  It's a great resource just for the inspiration factor alone.  But you can also use Pinterest to become a better blogger.

If you are trying to grow your blog readership, understand the technical side of blogging, or just get some tips about blogging, Pinterest has you covered.

If I was looking up a topic on the internet last year, I would probably Google whatever it was I was trying to find out about...say "blog planning."  And Google would dutifully return millions of results that I was begin looking through, all in a text based format.

Today, if I want to look up a topic, I am much more likely to start at Pinterest and search "blog planning".  I get hundreds of results, but now it's all in a visual format.  And since I'm a very visual person, who is a visual learner, I love that!

I searched "blog planning" on Pinterest, and here is the beginning of the results page :

I already see 5 pins I would check out if I was trying to find tips and information on blog planning.  And I'm not alone.  According to this article, Pinterest now beats out Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing, LinkedIn, and YouTube in referral traffic.  If you're creating content (and you are if you're blogging), that's kinda huge.

In addition to being a wonderful search & referral resource, here are some more ways to improve your blogging with Pinterest :

Follow Successful Bloggers
I follow a few bloggers who have successful blogs, just to see what and how they pin.  This works best if you follow those people who have a blogging voice or style similiar to yours.  You don't want to overdo this one, it can get a bit overwhelming if you try to "keep up".  Keep the number small, and be inspired!

Follow Boards about Blogging
I follow a few boards that are devoted to Blogging and blog tips.  Here is my board on Blog Stuff:

See what's popular & pinnable
It's easy to see what's being pinned over and over, and what's trending.  I try to have a look at the "popular" page a couple of times a week, just to see if anything catches my eye.  Remember, it should still reflect your interests and your blog's voice and personality.

On the Quiet Side
Use the secret boards that Pinterest now offers to find ideas and information for upcoming blog posts.
Pin items or articles you'd like to feature, or get a head start on a series of blog posts by pinning info you'll need.  Or, gather goodies and ideas for a new look for your blog.

Share the love
This is the easy one, since this is what Pinterest is all about.  Pin and re-pin those things that you love and that have helped you.

Share yourself
Lastly, share your own blog.  This should be a very small percentage of your pins, but don't totally avoid pinning from your own blog.  Most bloggers have a board for their own blog posts, and I think that's a great idea.

Oh, and if you're like me, a timer might come in handy, since it's very easy to get lost in the world of Pinterest for a little too long!

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