Friday, April 5

APR Peacock...and Blogging

Watercolor on Arches 140lb cold press paper

One of the things I enjoy about participating in different art I'm challenged!  I probably wouldn't have decided to draw a peacock if it weren't for Artist's Play Room.  That's the theme for this week, and I have to admit, I enjoyed drawing and painting my little version.

This is the great thing about challenges....they move you out of your normal comfort zone, but it's still your voice that's speaking.  If you're not involved in an art challenge, I encourage you to give it a try.  You never know what you may discover about yourself!


One of the things I've noticed over the last little bit is that I'm spending a little more time blogging than I am creating.  Now I know that's a bit of a catch-22, since I blog about the things I create.  But, I've noticed I'm feeling a little time-crunched in regards to my blogging frequency.  (Make no mistake, I love my blog and the blog community!) 

Especially since I'm working on a few new things and heading in a few new directions. As an introvert, I need extra time to process changes and new ideas without any pressure to reveal before I'm ready (even if it's self-induced pressure:).  Some things I want to simplify, and some things are just new roads I want to travel and see where they go.

I enjoy keeping a regular schedule (up to now it's been Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat) and I think readers prefer knowing you'll be blogging on a regular basis.  So, I'm going to change my schedule to Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays for the next little while and see how that goes.

I'd much rather post a little less and have good content, than just blog to get a blog done.  I'll most likely post a picture or sketch on Saturdays, something pretty without a lot of words.  So let's try it, shall we?!

Do you have a regular blog schedule?  Do you enjoy bloggers who stick to a schedule?


  1. I love your peacock Robin. I also understand your difficulty in create v blogging time. I work full time so there sometimes don't seem enough hours in the day. I think as long as you update things fairly regulary your readers don't mind if they love your work, and I think your watercolours are very beautiful.

  2. I love your painting, Robin. It is fresh, light, and deliciously delicate. As for me, I blog daily on my Gratitude blog, I Love You, Currie, and for April, May, and June I have given myself a challenge to write and post daily on my BE Currie blog as well. Since I am medically retired and my art-making and writing are so healing for me, this is a great commitment for me, NOT as in too much great but as in just right great. When I was only posting on BE Currie when I would post for my weekly challenges, I felt a little detached and so this is why I gave myself a 3-month experimentation. I think to each of us the reasons and the effects on ourselves are the important thing. I love having people read me, but what I DO I am DOing for myself first. That was NOT the way I tried blogging a few years back and thus my experience was far different. Just saying... That's where I am with it today. Could change tomorrow, LOL!!
    And I always enJOY your posts, so DO what makes your heart sing and the sound will BE exemplary!!

  3. Visiting from the APR - I love your peacock. So simple but beautiful. I don't have a blog because I knowo I wouldn't have time for it and my family and my crafting. I do admire those that manage it all, as I feel I miss out somewhat by not having a blog sometimes. Ups and downs, pros and cons, in everything of course :0) Mo

  4. You peacock is breathtaking, just the essential lines, and such lovely lines. I really feel it is perfect - makes me think of one of Monet's drawings of a swan in the same way. Love it.

  5. I agree with the others, your peacock is simply beautiful and I love even more that it's so "you". I think if I'd seen it anywhere else unidentified, I might have thought it was your work. You definitely have a distinct crafting style.

    As for blogging, I'm beginning to feel as if I need a schedule. I've been an erratic poster. Sometimes multiple times per week, definitely on Sundays. But I need to schedule better since I'm job hunting now and need to move from where I live. I'm trying to find balance between doing that and not letting my blog space lag.

    My self-imposed pressure comes from wondering if I'm not posting enough, when really, my blog's foundation is one of an online diary. I never expected readers ... it was just a place for me to put my thoughts and craft down since I type faster than I write.

    Here's to balance for both us introverts!!!


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