Wednesday, March 20

APR : What do you overlook?

This week's theme for the Artist's Play Room was "What do you overlook?"  A counterpoint to the theme a couple of weeks ago "What do you treasure?"

I had to think a bit....but, it's the ironing.

This is my iron, and I like it. It's old and has a good weight to it, so it presses well.  But I gotta say I like painting it way more than I like using it :)

What's sad is that my iron stays set up in my studio for quilting and sewing.  All I have to do is set up the ironing board and get it done.  But I'm always behind, or forgetting, to do the ironing.


  1. I like the loose painting on this, which is so delicate, yet it shows so clearly the weight and solidity of the iron. Yes, I remember the days when the iron and ironing board lived in the sewing room, before moving to a small apartment and concentrating more on less demanding art forms.

    I shall be coming back often to see all your lovely knitting and stitching work. Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. Jez

  2. I certainly love looking at your lovely painting far more than doing my own ironing! Maybe I should try and paint my iron and then possibly grow fonder of it.... Hmmmm :)

  3. fantastic watercolor, it looks exactly like an iron, which I would think it hard to get, as irons have a strange shape. I don't iron at all, throw it in the dryer to unwrinkle, tada, done!! hehehe. Can you say LAZY??

  4. Fabulous 'Iron' painting robin. I think maaany of us can relate to this task being overlooked; or is that just an pseudonym for ignoring? I know I do. As lonnng as possible, haha. Thank you for your kind comments on my flickr :0) mo

  5. Love the watercolour, I dont iron, if it needs ironing it chucked out.

  6. love it. really BEautifully rendered, Robin.


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