Saturday, February 9

Sketchbook : 02.09.2013

Here's a peek into my sketchbook from the last couple of weeks :

I got a new Lamy Safari fountain pen...and I'm in love with it!  Sketching with this pen is a joy.  I got some Noodler's Bulletproof Ink in Lexington Gray, and I'm very happy with the color choice.  I do want to get some black eventually, but I love the gray.  Not too dark, but not too light.

Here are a few studies I did of my go to subject :)


  1. Your sketching is excellent ~ Wow!

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ ~ visiting from Creative Everyday

  2. I love your sketches. Thank you for sharing your studies. I really enjoyed seeing them.

    1. Thank you..I'm having a lot of fun, if nothing else!


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