Monday, February 25

Inspiration Collage : Cross Stitch

The great thing about cross stitch is you can do as much or as little as you like.

1. A Cross-Stitched Alphabet, 2. matryoshka cross-stitch, 3. Foxy fox in cross-stitch, 4. cross stitch iphone case 3, 5. Cross-stitched hedgehog, 6. cross stitch, 7. Russian cross-stitch sampler, WIP, 8. new cross stitched buttons, 9. typewriter cross stitch front, 10. Cross Stitch Kokeshi Pincushion, 11. Cross Stitch: Retro Reindeer, 12. cross stitch, 13. Cross Stitch: Fine Dining


  1. So beautiful!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Now if I just had the extra time to stitch all these goodies!:)


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