Thursday, February 7

IF : Wheel

I've been doing the Illustration Friday sketches for a few months now, but I haven't enough nerve to actually post any of my sketches.  But with this week's word (wheel) I knew I needed to just go for it.

Spinning Wheel :

How could I not?


  1. So glad you did ~ great sketch!

  2. Do you have a lady bug?? It is pretty much my dream wheel.. I got the chance to spin on one but hope to try a few different wheels before I jump in and get one. Would love any suggestions you may have.. Great sketch!

    1. I do have a ladybug. Her name's her 2 years ago. I love her! She was easy to learn on, but I haven't outgrown her (nor do I see myself outgrowing her). I'd love to have a Matchless someday, but Lucy does everything I want and more. She's very versatile.


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