Wednesday, January 9

January Journal : Prompts

It can be hard when you're first starting to journal to think of what to journal about.  Especially if you're no "drama queen".  Whether it's a written or a visual journal, everyone can use some jumping off points and ideas to get you started.

Thanks to this post by Nicky, I found out you can get some guided journal pages from Christie Zimmer at Grace is Overrated. You can use them all, or just use a few to get you going in the right direction.

Sketchbook Ideas from Jenny Frith at Jenny's Sketchbook.  This post shows several of her themed journals.  I think this is a terrific idea!

Catherine Carey talks about some themes and prompts in this blog post .

Everyday Matters Challenge on Danny Gregory's blog.  A list of things to draw, but it could be a springboard to more.

Illustration Friday.  A new word every week.  This week's word is "Edge."

Imaginary Trips with Laure Ferlita lets you go on a painting holiday without leaving home.  Lots of potential here.

Your own interests and personal attachments.  In sketching, I find if I'm not that interested in what I'm drawing it doesn't usually turn out as well.  Something about it has to capture you...enough to want to capture it on paper.  I like to knit and spin, I love animals, I collect oil lamps, books, art supplies, yarn, etc.  You'll see a lot of these things in my sketchbook because I'm always interested in them.

What inspires you to journal?


  1. Thank you so much for the blog post mention. I'm loving your journal entries so far.

  2. They are definitely a work-in-progress! :) However, I am enjoying have a record of my days, and what matters to me...even if it only makes sense to me, no?

  3. Thanks for this. I don't journal but this is a really good list of links for illustration.


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