Friday, January 4

January Journal - Inspiration

Having the internet around provides endless inspiration for journaling, sketching or just reading.  Quotes abound on Pinterest, and interesting folks are always sharing their sketches and drawings.  I find a lot of times, these things are a jumping off point for me...I'll see someone's sketch of a garden, and that sends me off on my own thoughts about gardens, watering or flowers.  Or someone's sketch of their pet makes me want to sketch mine!

The links below are a few of my favorite places to get inspired :

Brenda Swenson has a great series about her travels to France.  (Oh, if only I could sketch like that!)

You'll find lots of ideas and suggestions over at Artist's Journal Workshop Blog.  It's a continual inspiration factory.

Alisa Burke is always giving peeks of her sketchbook and creative process.  Like this post about her 2013 calendar planner.

You'll find plenty of ideas at Roz Stendahl's blog.

Illustration Friday gives you a new topic each week - a great way to get creative.

And of course, Pinterest and Flickr both have lots of inspiration and ideas for journaling or sketching.
Below is a shot of my 'January Journal' Pinterest board.

If you're interested in a book about journaling, below are a few that I've read or heard good things about :

Artist's Journal Workshop

Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook

Keeping a Nature Journal

Leaving a Trace : On Keeping a Journal

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