Friday, December 14

Gift Guide : For the Knitter

Being a knitter, I can tell you the one thing every knitter always wants...yarn.  And books about knitting and/or knitting patterns.  Even if they have a room full of yarn and a bookshelf full of knitting books/patterns...they want more.  The trick is...what kind of yarn?  Which book?  Which pattern?

Ah, well, this is where you need to actually know your knitter.  You probably wouldn't want to buy a 'sheepy-wool' kind of gal some rayon beaded yarn, or vice versa, a 'sparkly-shiny' kind of gal some woolen spun worsted with bits of hay still in it.  You do your homework.  Fortunately, most knitters are only too happy to help you with a list, or at least point you in the right direction.

Me, I definitely fall into the 'sheepy-wool' kind of knitter.  I love fleece, handspun, and wooly yarns...and I love natural colors, heathers, and classic designs.

A Simple Christmas :  Gift Ideas for the Knitter

  • How about some lovely O-Wool Balance?  Organic, beautiful, soft and 24 lovely colors to choose from.
  • If you are feeling extravagant, and have a knitter who leans to the natural side try Juniper Moon Farm's The Shepherd and The Shearer. Check out the link for more information, but it looks like a great idea if it's in the budget.
  • Beautiful copper stitch markers.  Who can't use more stitch markers...especially when they're this pretty?
  • A set of Signature Needles.  I don't have any, but I've heard nothing but great reviews.
  • Clara Parkes Yarn-making journey, The Great White Bale.  
  • Shades of Winter : Knitting with Natural Wool
  • A yarn bowl to keep your yarn tidy and untangled.
  • Brooklyn Tweed's Sweater Cards (!)  Seriously.  As a knitter, spinner AND sketcher (and struggling watercolorist), I started drooling when I saw these.  At $25 for a set of 15 cards, it's not a bad deal (at a little over $1.50 per card).  
  • The Natural Knitter : How to choose, use and knit natural fibers from alpaca to yak.  I got this book as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and I love it.  It's jam packed with information, and wonderful patterns to boot!
  • A copper shawl pin.  I like the penannular style, it just works well. 
  • And finally, how about a lovely sock pattern?  Mine, of course...Folklore Socks.  They're very addictive!
What are your favorite knitting gifts?

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