Saturday, December 15

A Simple Christmas : Celebrations

With the popularity of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, and blogs it's no wonder people get overwhelmed at Christmas time (and the rest of the year, for that matter).  We live in an accelerated world that keeps going faster and faster!  It's easy to add 50 great ideas to your to do list just by scrolling through your Pinterest feed.  But sometimes, (oftentimes) less is truly more.

So, don't forget to keep your joy, keep your sanity, and keep your budget!  Simple celebrations help us focus on individuals- not crowds, moments- not days.  A few of the things we strive to do each season include :

Get outside in nature with someone you love.
It's easy to spend too much time in stores, in front of the computer or TV, in restaurants and at parties.  Try to get out in nature, just a little bit.

Eat a few treats.  
Yes, absolutely, enjoy some of the wonderful goodies that abound this time of year.  I make cookies every year, and we really enjoy them.  But they are treats, not a regular diet.

Light candles.
The days are shorter and darkness falls quickly this time of year.  Celebrate this season with extra candles around the house.  Have you ever seen ugly candleglow?  Me neither.

Spend some time doing nothing.  
It can get hectic, crazy, and overbooked right now.  Be sure to plan a day or two that doesn't have many obligations or chores in them.  Your soul will thank you.

Help Someone.
Opportunities to help others are everywhere right now.  Do some of them.  The wonderful thing helps you!

What are some of the small ways you celebrate the Christmas season?

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