Friday, October 5

No Slip Knot Needed

I'm not sure where I saw this or who it was, but I've been casting on without a slip knot for a long time.  After seeing a few people cast on and always making a slip knot before they begin, even for Long-Tail Cast On, I thought this might be a good tip to pass along.  (I'm all for things that simplify rather than complicate!)

Whenever I start the long-tail cast on, I just "start".  Below is my beginning position:

The needle is in my right hand and the yarn is in "slingshot" position in my left hand, with the tail over my thumb and the working yarn over my index finger, as normally held.

Reach up under the strand of yarn between the two fingers and pull the yarn over the needle.  It's not wrapping the needle, just laying over the top.

Now, begin your cast-on motions : around and under the thumb yarn and over and around the index finger yarn.  Tighten the yarn on the needles.

You now have your first two stitches on the needle, with no slip knot!

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