Thursday, February 16

A Spinner's Toolbox and My Kind of Podcast

On our last trip to Kentucky (and The Woolery) I picked up a copy of the DVD by Judith MacKenzie A Spinner's Toolbox.  I'd read some good reviews about it and I'm going to learn how to make a decent woolen yarn this year, by gum.  The lady who checked me out at The Woolery told me she had this DVD and every time she watched it (which was at least once a month) she got something new from it.  The spinner's toolbox is, of course...your hands.

I've watched it a few times now, and I have to is good.  It is simple and to the point.  The way it was shot makes you feel like Judith MacKenzie is in your studio with you and you two are having a little chat and trying out different spinning techniques.  There's no distraction in this video.  And you get super clear looks at worsted, semi-worsted, woolen, semi-woolen, slub and boucle spinning methods.

She goes into each method in detail, showing how to prep the fiber, the best hand position, joining the fiber and how to finish each type of yarn.  I've already improved my worsted joins by watching this video.

Sasha Torres, of SpinDoctor Podcast fame, also gave it a great review.  Which is what put it in my mind in the first place.  Mrs. SpinDoctor seems like a very organized and thoughtful kinda lady.

Actually, SpinDoctor is my very favorite podcast.  I listen to a few regularly (Stash n' Burn, The Knitmore Girls, Never Not Knitting) the latter two of which are on hiatus right now, and I've listened to several others off and on.  To me, Sasha Torres was made to be a podcaster.  She has a wonderful voice - smooth and unsqueaky.  She has a fabulous format (including her new "unplugged" episodes) which offers reviews of equipment, fiber and yes, DVDs.  She includes interviews, trips to fiber festivals, spin-a-longs and challenges, and good ol' chit chat.  If you spin, you should be listening to this podcast.  It will make you a better spinner and make your spinning that much more enjoyable!  Go now....have a listen.  Tarry not.

Isn't it great that we have so many resources and options these days?

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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm going to add this to my spinning resources. Finally getting my wheel up this weekend, so this recommendation is definitely timely.


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