Monday, February 13

On (& off!) the wheel

I finished my latest yarn in record time!  About 3 weeks from start to finish.  Yah for accomplishing your goals.  And, as usual, it's my new favorite yarn.  This was a merino and rayon bamboo combo.  I slipped a little bit of the bamboo in here and there on one of the singles and then made the other single merino only.  Yummy stuff.  It is very squishy and bouncy.

Specs:  4 ounces of merino top, 1 ounce of rayon bamboo hand dyed in lovely wine shades by Lewbug Creations.  I spun it as a 2-ply:  1 singles of merino only, 1 singles of merino/bamboo.  Finished with a hot wash (with just a smidge of color bleed - which I thought was definitely an acceptable amount for such a deep, rich color) and good snap between my hands before hanging to dry.  I ended up with 364 yards of good worsted-to-aran weight yarn.

Oh!  And I got to ply it using my new Schacht kate (picked up at the afore-mentioned Woolery).  I love having a real kate instead of a cardboard box with needles poked through it.

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