Sunday, October 30


Woosh...where did it go?!  It's been a busy month around here.  I've been busy, busy with the secret knitting, gift knitting, travel knitting, etc.  We took a lovely trip to Kentucky (more about that later) and then all of the sudden it's almost November.  Time flies when you're having's true.

I finished up a couple of gift knits, started some more gift knits.  Swatched around, and kinda ignored what I've got on the needles for myself (pictured above - a simple shawl in my own handspun : sigh).  There just aren't enough knitting hours in the day.  It might not be helping that I've picked up a fancy for drawing and watercolor.  But there you go...I just roll where my whims take me!

Happy (almost over) October!

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