Friday, January 20

In a Gray Way

Gray has been calling my name a lot lately. I just finished a pair of Folklore Socks in our new-ish Everlasting Sock Cloud Burst. And I'm working on the Cinnamon Girl cardigan for myself in Sojourn Cloud Burst.

It's such a lovely can I go wrong?

I'm also about to cast on a scarf for Jimmy using some of my treasured Arbor Cloud Burst and Pearl. It's actually going to be a modified version of the Abella stole.  I'm going to replace the lace borders with ribbing, plus make it one repeat narrower.

And then there are the sock yarn blanket squares that I work on when the mood tones of grays and creams:)

So, it's neutral city over here these days. But not to worry, there's still plenty of color being splashed around daily in the dye pots!

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