Friday, April 3

Inside my Knitting Notions Pouch

I'm always curious as to what other folks have in their bags.  Kinda in the same way I'm always fascinated by what other people have in their grocery shopping cart...anybody else?

Recently Elizabeth, of the Dark Matter Knits podcast, talked about what was in her notions bag. So I thought I'd show a peek at mine:

Here's what I have inside my knitting notions pouch:

Needle gauge & ruler
Crochet hook
Tapestry needles (large & small)
Stitch markers (several kinds)
Cable needle
Row counters
Pen and pencil
Post-it notepad
Tape measure
Emory board
Kitchener stitch card
Some waste yarn
Options needle key
Cough drop (you never know) or mints

It all fits inside this well-worn little crocheted bag.  It's about 6" x 4" with a zipper closure.
I lined it with a cheerful cotton fabric, and it's just the right size for tucking into a project bag, my purse of a weekend tote.

What's in your bag?

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