Wednesday, December 10

Signs of the Season

How is your Christmas shopping coming along?  Almost finished? About to start?

Wherever you're at in the planning and preparation, don't forget to stop and enjoy a few of the joys of this season!

1. christmas 2008 vanilla snaps 2, 2. christmas 2008 vanilla snaps packaging, 3. Christmas Morning 10, 4. Strobiles, 5. Garfield Christmas, 6. Trees., 7. Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon, 8. snow, 9. christmas cookies forest, 10. Spiced Vanilla and Honey Christmas Cookies, 11. Bokeh Christmas lights twinkled, 12. Yummy Christmas!, 13. ★☆★ christmas ★☆★

If you're shopping online (say, maybe some yarn or fiber?) remember shipping deadlines are coming up:

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