Wednesday, August 6

Slow Summer Spinning

Well, the Tour de Fleece is over and gone...and I still have about half a bobbin of singles to finish. :)  Such is life! But I am working away on them slowly, but surely.

This month, at least, I'm spending most of my time dyeing fiber and yarn. Getting ready for my first fiber festival, Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza. It's just a little over a month away at this point. And while I feel pretty good about the amount of fiber and yarn I've got ready to go, I know I'll be busy these last few weeks, dyeing, braiding, re-skeining, labeling and all the other little things I'm not thinking of!

But, I am trying to do a little bit of personal knitting or spinning each day. And that even includes some spindle spinning:

I'm trying my hand at spinning silk hankies on a spindle. So far (which is not very far at all!) it's going well. The silk is long and strong, good qualities for a beginning spindler. I doubt I'll ever be a great spindle spinner, but it is nice to play at it now and then.

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